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This data is basically no longer of use. The Honor system now allows anyone to buy any items based on honor point cost. Arena gear is bought with Arena points obtained from fighting rated matches in the arena.

Here you will find the World of Warcraft PVP Honor ranks and general rewards available at each rank

Rank Alliance Title Horde Title Reward
14 Grand Marshal High Warlord Epic-quality weapon and shield
13 Field Marshal Warlord Epic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and gloves
12 Marshal General Epic-quality chest armor, leggings, and boots
11 Commander Lieutenant General Commander's epic mount
10 Lieutenant Commander Champion Superior-quality helm and shoulder armor
9 Knight-Champion Centurion Battle standard
Requires Centurion
Use: Place a Battle Standard with 1500 health that increases
the maximum health of all party members that stay within 45 yards
of the Battle Standard by 15%. Lasts 2 min.
8 Knight-Captain Legionnare Superior-quality chest armor and leggings
7 Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard Superior-quality boots and gloves
6 Knight Stone Guard Access to officer's barracks, officer's tabard, and potions
5 Sergeant Major First Sergeant Superior-quality bracers
4 Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant Superior-quality necklace
3 Sergeant Sergeant Superior-quality cloak, 10% discount on all goods and repairs from your faction's NPCs
2 Corporal Grunt Team insignia trinket
1 Private Scout Tabard

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