WarcraftRealms.com - password compromised

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WarcraftRealms.com - password compromised

Post by Maxous »


I use unique passwords for each website. I received an email earlier today with the password to this website listed. Just some kid demanding money in bitcoin. Anyways, everyone on this site needs to update their passwords. MODS if you are reading this, please consider forcing everyone to change their password. You also need to find out how the leak occurred.


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password compromise

Post by bringoutyourdead »

This site has never been secure for data transmission..
note we don't have https.
Which means anyone in the internet chain between you and this site can see every bit of data that passes by,

One of the reasons, I always tell everyone.. use a unique password for every site they ever log into.

On the other hand... the actual server side and database is behind security, so it is less likely that part has been breached.

Having said that, I will pass on your message to Metalbeast the site owner.

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Post by Fett »

I've gotten I think four of those emails with my password for this site.

May I recommend:

They issue free SSL certificates. Granted, the 90 expiration is a little annoying, but the price is right.

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