Collection doesn't work

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Collection doesn't work

Post by maniacfox »

When I start a collection the Who window opens up and changes and the Scan Progress start to count down, although the level range in the Who window doesn't match the level range on the Scan Progress.

Eventually the Scan Progress gets down to 1 query (1-10), the bell dings but the Who window is still changing. Eventually the Who window stops at 1-10 and that's it. The Census+ database isn't populated, the Scan Progress still says 1 query in the queue.

When the bell dings the chat window says "Finished Taking data. Found 0 new characters and saw 0. Took 1 Min 30 Sec.".

Please help, I'd love to contribute.


Post by waffle »

I observed the same behavior. But, when I turned off all of my addons, it started working fine. The census mod must be conflicting with another addon.

I think the offending addon is WIM. Are you using that?

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