Ideas: Process Guild-Tab, Passive Scans & Cross-Realm update

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Ideas: Process Guild-Tab, Passive Scans & Cross-Realm up

Post by FuxieDK »

Since a lot can happen while you are not online or while CP isn't actively scanning, I have a few ideas to improve scanning a bit..

- Process Guild-Tab:
When you log on a toon, for the first time "today", CP should open Guild-Tab (including offline members) and scan all members. Any people in the LUA-file but not in guild must logically have left the guild and thus should have guild-name stripped in LUA-file. This will help updates, when e.g. someone delete a toon or move it off server.
People in Guild-Tab but not in LUA (or in LUA with different guild) will logically have joined since you last scanned and needs to be updated too.

- Passive Scan:
"<Name> have joined the guild", "<Name> have left the guild" and when someone says "Ding" in /G should force an update of person in question, even if CP is not actively running, to catch when e.g. someone that joins/leaves the guild on multible toons after each other or someone that gains a level and log off before next active scan.

- Cross-Realm update:
Currently, when in a BG, CP can't scan. But, how about if CP could "scan" the people in the BG, then we could get, if nothing else, a few updates for other servers. Cross-Realm 5man pugs could do the same.
All the info needed is there: Name, guild, server, level, class, race..

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Post by Balgair »

The reasoning for Censusplus not working in battlegrounds was a rather nice bug that would crash the whole game to desktop when a scan was running inside a battleground. Didn't always happen, but it was consistent enough over several users for it to definitely be Censusplus causing it - I think nobody could figure out why it was actually happening, so the best solution was to just disable the mod whilst in a battleground. Surprised I haven't noticed similar issues in crossrealm instances tbh, since it's not disabled in those (I think? Sure there's been no updates to the mod since that patch anyway, or at least I'm still running a version from before then)

I like your other ideas though, could also add in flagging people for update if it sees them get the achievement for levelling up (sure, it only triggers on every 10th lvl, but it's just another marker) Not sure how much work it might be to add all though, but they sound good!

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