Killing Fields

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Killing Fields

Post by ferack »

It seems as if only a small amount of killing fields data is being uploaded. I wonder if you added killing fields functionality to census plus, in other words, made them into a single mod, if that would improve the reporting of battleground data.

Frankly, I avoid uploading killing fields data because my faction in my battlegroup does so poorly. - 22 straight 3-0 loses in warsong gultch. - who wants to report that?

But if it's uploaded as part of the census - well, then it's not so bad. Or at least I don't cringe at the thought of uploading it.

You see - it's so painful - I didn't even identify my faction or battlegroup in this post!

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Post by Dromic »

Like it for a few reasons:
  • The KF addon would not show outdated all the time
    Do not have to find both KF and Census+ for the upload
    One less addon :lol:
And just add option in census+ setup menu to have it off or on. That is not a huge need but sure someone wil ask for it.

Now posting a bad BG is not at all bad. This allowed people to see how your BG is doing. Some use this for picking a server. Not taking it gives a false picture of the BG.

I do not have any data since forgot to allow outdated addon but now KF can get data. Not the best in WoWs PvP (very good in WAR since very balanced PvP) but not embarrassed to let people see it also.
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Post by Davince »

I would hope that anyone that has battleground or census info would just upload it to the site. The whole idea is to get a bunch of people to do it and make it as accurate as possible. By holding out on uploading because you lost a few games is what i would think to be the opposite of what this site was made for.

I used this site to help me transfer off my server to another which i was hoping had more people and more battleground games run. I did find more people on my new server but less battleground games and somehow picked a server that crashes 3 times a day for no reason. I knew about the first two because of this wonderful site, of course that server crashing 3 times a day, i wouldn't have known. And the thanks I give Rollie is to upload census data when I can.

It really isn't hard to upload either info the way it is now.

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Post by Rollie »

Yeah, I don't really have any plans of including KF in the Census mod. Mainly because that gives people the flexibility to upload what they want to.

I do agree that it would be good to get more KF data, and I can only try to offer incentives to get people to use the KF mod and upload data regardless if they win or not.

For me personally, I have not done hardly any BG's since Wrath came out, and the couple of times I have looked at BG queues there are very few even running. So my take on it is that there really aren't as many people doing BG's now as there was before.

Perhaps the completely borked up PVP situation in WoW right now has turned a lot of people off from it?

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Post by Balgair »

I'd certainly find it more convenient if the mods were rolled into one, I'm not even running KF at the moment since I only very rarely BG and never remember to enable it the rare times I actually do pvp.

And yeah I pvp way less than before 3.0; post-3.0 there was no point pvping as a healer because you'd get 3-shotted, and nothing's changed at 80; I put a load of effort into getting the crafted resilience gear (full set of 8 pieces) and still die as soon as anybody looks at me. Zero fun so I just don't bother any more... :?

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Post by 1974ER »

I went with the I do not know.. why?

Well, submissions page says...

** Killing Fields data only accepted for US servers at this time.

And I am in the EU... So I do not have an opinion on something that I have never used.

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Post by RStefan01 »

The KF addon would not show outdated all the time
This is a good point here. I always forget to go back and check "Load out of date addons" whenever there's a patch. KF is the only addon I use that hasn't been updated recently, and it's easier to miss than most.

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