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Russian localization

Post by pieces_of_eight »

Hello and thank you for this great addon! I'll be happy to help you tranlate it to Russian.

Here is a full list of feminine forms that are different from masculine:

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Rogue		Разбойница
Priest		Жрица
Shaman		Шаманка
Hunter		Охотница
Monk		Монахиня
Warlock		Чернокнижница

Blood Elf		Эльфийка крови
Night Elf		Ночная эльфийка
But, there is another issue with the /who command, which is localized in russian client. Both /who and /кто are available, but the parameters have to be cyrillic for any of them to function. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any documentation on that matter. So, there's a list of localized parameters, that I was able to find:

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n- z- c- r-
и- з- к- р-
There's still some work to do with my translation too. Some lines need shortening to fit into placeholders and some phrases need to be changed slightly. I'll look into that in the next few days and will post corrections on the CurseForge.

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Thank you, for your assistance.

I will start the coding changes to Cyrillic switches.
This will be based on client locale ruRU.

I wish there was a way to enable the tracking of Russian Realms and characters here at this site.
But I am afraid that will never happen. All the years of work on this site were based upon the assumption (which was correct then) that Latin1 character set would do the job.

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