A question about data

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A question about data

Post by Lisq »

Hi, I have a question - do I have to delete censusplus.lua file every time after submiting data if I want to submit next data (once again or take data from other realm/faction) ?

Or I cant take datas from all servers and then upload the file just once and it will save all reports?

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

There is no need to actually delete the censusplus.lua datafile.

Depending on the amount of census data you collect, You can ignore the file and just build more data on to it until it gets too big for you. Uploading directly via the web has a max limit of about 10MB of data. Uploading via the updater program works around the web limit.

If you aren't interested in keeping a local build of your census data you can either do
Census /prune Number
to prune back your data to latest Number of days

Census /purge
to basicly remove all census data.

(Unless I'm forgetting something..)

Census /help

for info about this while in the game. I have'nt been playing for some time, but when I was, at first I would prune just a little to keep enough local data to see server stats. But later when I started doing census runs across many servers, I would purge once a day. (after uploading data!!!!)

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