Some race filters not working

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Some race filters not working

Post by Drewbacca »

If you click on the Mag'har Orcs to try to get their class breakdown, it goes to an error page.

Also, if you click on either Pandaren group, it just goes back out to the unfiltered data. If you manually delete "_A" or "_H" from the address, it will show both Horde and Alliance Pandaren at the same time, but I imagine your aim is to only show one. All the other races seem to work fine.

If you filter by class, the Demon Hunter and Warlock pages seem to have their bar chart messed up. It looks like the numbers for the Worgen are centered instead of being directly over their icon.

On any of the census pages, the headers like "Community" and "Realm Data" are messed up, showing a blank icon as well as being unclickable. Also the main banner for doesn't seem to work on the main page or any of the other links.

Finally, if you go to the full census page, it seems to have pushed Void Elves and Worgen off of the page. This also occurs if you filter by class for any of the classes that have high numbers of racial choices. You can still access them if you filter Alliance only, but the number of columns in the formatting may need to be increased.

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Yes there are some issues with how Rollie/Metalbeast have done the page encoding..

I looked at some of the failure modes only to realize the whole presentation logic is based upon some iffy assumptions.

To fix would require some major rewrites which is a decision that needs to be made by Metalbeast.

The last issue should auto correct itself once the new race counts get high enough to generate a percentage bar and trigger other controls to add display content.

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