Guild Exes nonexistent

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Guild Exes nonexistent

Post by Xelath »


I have come to realize that the ex-members page of Guilds is empty. Is that a known bug or intended? And is there any possibility it would get fixed anytime soon?

I need a considerably large amount of data regarding to the guild squads from pre-Cataclysm era for quite an expensive media project, which "only and only" WR Website used to have that info in its Ex-Members pages of guilds. Is there anyway I can be helped?

Thank you very much.
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Post by 1974ER »

Hello Xelath.

I am afraid only Bringoutyourdead has any chance of fully answering your questions. I just looked up some data on guilds I am in and a lot data is just... gone. Whether any of it can be restored, I do not know. I know that a lot was lost earlier (fairly long ago already) and if my recollection is correct, most of it is permanently gone, sadly. Some pieces were salvaged from various backups, but for example just about all my characters had more complete histories than every 5 or 10 levels of distant past.

Sorry for the rather unhelpful reply. :(

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Unfortunately even I have no good answer for you.
While I maintain the actual CensusPlus addon, Metalbeast is the final authority for the website.

Metalbeast has made some decisions that I am not completely happy about.
I can see his point of view on why he has made these choices,
some of which are as much about lack of resources (time) to make the changes really needed to get the website up to date.

The website database has never had the updates needed to handle the change Blizzard created with Connected realms.
Rollie's database assumed that Guilds were based on the realms of the Guild creator (which is correct).
But he also assumed that all members of a guild were on the same realm, which is no longer correct.
The result of this is that (as far as I am concerned) the Guild data is compromised and not to be trusted.

Metalbeast and I have discussed this issue and he has plans to address this,
but hasn't had the freed up time to implement the changes needed to protect the live website and database from our structural changes of the database,
and then the multiple pass process of digging through the tables and fixing existing records based upon the timing of the various realm merges.

The Addon does handle this situation so looking at guild info within the game is valid.

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