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Is it possible to allow users to customize the chart data a bit more? My specific interest is seeing the growth of the 10-20 population over time, with the intent to try to see how the free-to-play model is impacting your overall population numbers. I can get the snapshot population for this bracket, but cannot view historical data on it.

If this is already available, please let me know where, I may just be missing it!



Another suggestion for the quick stats

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first thing ive noticed that at the Race Class Stats there are worgs and goblins but not at the Quick Race Stats. So please add them by the time.

another missing thing is that theres no stat like german, spanish, french, us, english, ... player activity...maybe name it Localisation Stats or Area Stats or something like that....what do you think?

i know rollie has no time at the moment but maybe later or anytime....or maybe someone could assist him???



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It would be interesting to know if there are realms with a higher population of a certain class than normal.

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Quick stats page looks like it needs a more major overhaul when Rollie has more time for it... races and classes are missing from several places, etc.

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