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Longest time between sightings

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:34 am
by superxdude
Strange idea here, and perhaps utterly useless, but...

Perhaps on a toon's individual page, perhaps a note with their longest absence in sightings?

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:57 pm
by bringoutyourdead
I think I will leave that as an exercise for the class...

looks to me like more then five years.

However do be aware our data is not and never will be complete.
When we discovered the Cyrillic data being improperly stored into the database that was not prepared, Metalbeast decided to shrink the table size by removing all low level (<40) records except for Battleground twink levels.

While recognizing shrinking the character table by about 40% did help speed up the clean out and complete rebuild, I was very unhappy, and I let Metalbeast know that fact.

The continued process of purging the on site character history by only retaining the *0 and *5 levels remains a irritant to me, but I have to admit I understand the concerns.
We currently have almost 300 million character history records... without the purge that number would probably be in the range of 2 billion records.

After all there are only two reasons this site is even looked at by people interested in World of Warcraft:
First we are the only site that reports actual in game sightings (via /who) of characters, the other sites use web page scraping to find character in the armory and guild lists.
Second we provided fairly accurate history of the characters we find via census rums. Guild masters and others could check our site to see if there was activity on a character that might not be good for the guild.

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 8:53 pm
by superxdude
Unfortunately that toon will never be coming back...I was an idiot and botted. I got caught and banned.

Perhaps I can reword my idea though...longest time between sightings. Thats what I think I meant earlier but did not explain it clearly.

Probably not enough coffee when I posted that.

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:30 pm
by superxdude
Have not uploaded alot since I last read this...reason is we seem to be wasting time scanning 20-110 if only the 5/0 levels are being saved.

If the addon can be updated to reflect this, i'll keep uploading but otherwise it seems like a lost cause.

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:05 pm
by bringoutyourdead
I would agree with you... which is why I have prevailed upon Metalbeast to stop using that procedure.. which was manual anyway.

If you look at characters from active playing uploaders, you will see that the 5/0 level purge stopped some time ago.

As noted.. hmm. I forget where... I will edit this message with a pointer to that thread.

Edit: see 2nd message of thread ... ght=#42266

I forget what the date was for the last 5/0 process but I think it was early 2014.
Edit2: make that early 2015, based upon one of my posts.