Possible idea to add

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Possible idea to add

Post by superxdude »

Since the /who function also pulls the current zone a toon in in, can that data be pulled and archived?

While trivial, it would be interesting at least to see not only what level toons were at on a certain date, but where they were as well.

Just my 2 copper.

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Just remember while the website can track multiple events during a single day, the addon has never been set to keep track of anything but the current data and is set to only record the date.

If Metalbeast wants to make major changes in the website database to keep track of this extra data then the addon just needs minor tweaks to provide the input

But trying to track a characters activity on say for instance an hourly basis would increase the database size by 24x.

While this isn't accurate you could think our current 105 million going to 2.5 Billion records... which will impact processing considerably

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