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Upload data file name

Post by sitapea1337 »


I'm new to this forum, but I see it's very easy to give my contribution to your service.

I've been using Census+ for few days now (timer at 1 minute - keeping update very often).

One thing about uploading a file is annoying.

Could you make file upload show ONLY "CensusPlus.lua" and/or "WR_KillingFields.lua" while browsing/searching for it?

Another about addon. Could you make it not show all the "/who" inquiries? It should be an option to disable it - spams my chat window. It might be removable, but how?

Thank you in advance,

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Post by Wynta »

can't help with the filename, but it's easy to stop the spamming :)

Open up the census window, click on 'options', untick 'verbose'

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Post by 1974ER »

Welcome aboard! :)

Wynta already took care of your spam problem... as for the file thing... as far as I can tell, the filetype decision has been made by Microsoft as the filetype selection dropdown menu only lists "All files" as an option. If my conclusion is correct, Rollie can't do anything to change that.

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