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US Quick Server Stats - Last 30 Days
CT Realm TZ Type Language Alliance Horde A/H
1Aerie PeakPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
2AntonidasPSTPVEEN588 (100%) (0%):588
3AnvilmarPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
4ArathorPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
5AzuremystPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
6BaelgunPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
7BlackrockPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
8Blackwater RaidersPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
9Blackwing LairPSTPVPEN17 (30%)40 (70%)1:2.457
10Blade's EdgePSTPVEEN32 (6%)477 (94%)1:2.8509
11BladefistPSTPVEEN177 (7%)2,407 (93%)1:12,584
12BonechewerPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
13BoulderfistPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
14BronzebeardPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
15Cenarion CirclePSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
16CenariusPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
17CoilfangPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
18CrushridgePSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
19DaggerspinePSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
20Dark IronPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
21DarrowmerePSTPVPEN17 (34%)33 (66%)1:INF50
22DestromathPSTPVPEN (0%)3,679 (100%):3,679
23DethecusPSTPVPEN38 (57%)29 (43%)1.3:167
24DraenorPSTPVEEN (0%)229 (100%):229
25DragonblightPSTPVEEN1,860 (100%) (0%):1,860
26DragonmawPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
27DunemaulPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
28Echo IslesPSTPVEEN (0%)150 (100%):150
29FeathermoonPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
30FrostwolfPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
31GalakrondPSTPVEEN291 (100%) (0%):291
32GnomereganPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
33GorgonnashPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
34GurubashiPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
35HyjalPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
36KalecgosPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
37Kil'JaedenPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
38KilroggPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
39KorialstraszPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
40LethonPSTPVPEN28 (47%)32 (53%)1:1.160
41LightbringerPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
42MaievPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
43MishaPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
44MoonrunnerPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
45NazjatarPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
46Ner'zhulPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
47NordrassilPSTPVEEN222 (100%) (0%):222
48OnyxiaPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
49ProudmoorePSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
50RivendarePSTPVPEN410 (58%)300 (42%)1:2.6710
51SentinelsPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
52ShadowsongPSTPVEEN50 (100%) (0%):50
53Shattered HallsPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
54Shu'haloPSTPVEEN (0%)278 (100%):278
55Silver HandPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
56SilvermoonPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
57SkywallPSTPVEEN457 (100%) (0%):457
58SpinebreakerPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
59SpirestonePSTPVPEN1,003 (68%)478 (32%)1:1.91,481
60StonemaulPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
61StormscalePSTPVPEN865 (58%)623 (42%)1:31,488
62SuramarPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
63The ScryersPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
64The Venture CoPSTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
65TichondriusPSTPVPEN51 (1%)3,761 (99%)NAN:13,812
66UldumPSTPVEEN579 (100%) (0%):579
67UrsinPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
68UtherPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
69VashjPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
70VelenPSTPVEEN (0%)154 (100%):154
71WindrunnerPSTPVEEN35 (40%)52 (60%)1:INF87
72Wyrmrest AccordPSTRPEN2,770 (23%)9,487 (77%)1:8.312,257
73Azjol-NerubMSTPVEEN2,616 (57%)1,989 (43%)1.6:14,605
74BloodscalpMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
75DarkspearMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
76DeathwingMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
77DoomhammerMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
78IcecrownMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
79Kel'ThuzadMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
80NathrezimMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
81PerenoldeMSTPVEEN (0%)52 (100%):52
82Shadow CouncilMSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
83TerenasMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
84ZangarmarshMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
85AegwynnCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
86AgamagganCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
87AggramarCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
88AkamaCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
89AlexstraszaCSTPVEEN49 (100%) (0%):49
90AlleriaCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
91ArchimondeCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
92AzgalorCSTPVPEN (0%)3,805 (100%):3,805
93BalnazzarCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
94BlackhandCSTPVEEN531 (100%) (0%):531
95Blood FurnaceCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
96Borean TundraCSTPVEEN41 (100%) (0%):41
97Burning LegionCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
98CairneCSTPVEEN (0%)60 (100%):60
99Cho'gallCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
100ChromaggusCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
101DawnbringerCSTPVEEN (0%)175 (100%):175
102DetherocCSTPVPEN25 (37%)42 (63%)1:1.767
103Drak'TharonCSTPVPEN339 (69%)152 (31%)1:1.9491
104Drak'thulCSTPVPEN206 (100%) (0%):206
105DrakaCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
106DrakkariCSTPVPES (NAN%) (NAN%):
107EitriggCSTPVEEN (0%)188 (100%):188
108Emerald DreamCSTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
109FarstridersCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
110FizzcrankCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
111FrostmaneCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
112GarithosCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
113GaronaCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
114GhostlandsCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
115GreymaneCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
116Gul'danCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
117HakkarCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
118HellscreamCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
119HydraxisCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
120IllidanCSTPVPEN88 (3%)2,931 (97%)NAN:13,019
121Kael'ThasCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
122Khaz ModanCSTPVEEN2,761 (61%)1,730 (39%)2.1:14,491
123Kirin TorCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
124KorgathCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
125Kul TirasCSTPVEEN172 (7%)2,354 (93%)1.1:12,526
126Laughing SkullCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
127LightninghoofCSTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
128MadoranCSTPVEEN (0%)191 (100%):191
129MaelstromCSTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
130Mal'GanisCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
131MalfurionCSTPVEEN (0%)88 (100%):88
132MalorneCSTPVPEN299 (47%)343 (53%)1:5.1642
133MalygosCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
134Mok'NathalCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
135Moon GuardCSTRPEN18,632 (77%)5,517 (23%)3.4:124,149
136Mug'tholCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
137MuradinCSTPVEEN236 (100%) (0%):236
138NesingwaryCSTPVEEN (0%)50 (100%):50
139Quel'doreiCSTPVEEN151 (70%)64 (30%)1:1215
140Quel'ThalasCSTPVEES (NAN%) (NAN%):
141RagnarosCSTPVPES (NAN%) (NAN%):
142RavencrestCSTPVEEN126 (61%)79 (39%)1.6:1205
143RexxarCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
144RunetotemCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
145SargerasCSTPVPEN866 (100%) (0%):866
146Scarlet CrusadeCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
147Sen'jinCSTPVEEN252 (67%)126 (33%)1:1378
148Sisters of EluneCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
149StaghelmCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
150StormreaverCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
151TerokkarCSTPVEEN31 (100%) (0%):31
152The UnderbogCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
153Thorium BrotherhoodCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
154ThunderhornCSTPVEEN38 (8%)462 (92%)1:2.1500
155ThunderlordCSTPVPEN (0%)4,005 (100%):4,005
156Twisting NetherCSTRP-PVPEN122 (79%)33 (21%)2.1:1155
157Vek'nilashCSTPVEEN (0%)48 (100%):48
158WhisperwindCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
159WildhammerCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
160WinterhoofCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
161Altar of StormsESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
162Alterac MountainsESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
163AndorhalESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
164AnetheronESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
165Anub'arakESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
166Area 52ESTPVEEN (0%)541 (100%):541
167Argent DawnESTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
168ArthasESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
169ArygosESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
170AuchindounESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
171AzsharaESTPVPEN (0%)3,571 (100%):3,571
172Black DragonflightESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
173Bleeding HollowESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
174BloodhoofESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
175Burning BladeESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
176DalaranESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
177DalvengyrESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
178Demon SoulESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
179DentargESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
180DrendenESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
181DurotanESTPVEEN312 (100%) (0%):312
182DuskwoodESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
183Earthen RingESTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
184Eldre'ThalasESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
185EluneESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
186EonarESTPVEEN (0%)165 (100%):165
187EredarESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
188ExecutusESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
189ExodarESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
190FenrisESTPVEEN1,361 (100%) (0%):1,361
191FiretreeESTPVPEN847 (56%)674 (44%)1:3.21,521
192GarroshESTPVEEN231 (100%) (0%):231
193GilneasESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
194GorefiendESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
195Grizzly HillsESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
196HaomarushESTPVPEN33 (49%)35 (51%)1:1.168
197JaedenarESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
198KargathESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
199KhadgarESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
200Lightning's BladeESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
201LlaneESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
202LotharESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
203MagtheridonESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
204MannorothESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
205MedivhESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
206NazgrelESTPVEEN (0%)49 (100%):49
207NorgannonESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
208RavenholdtESTRP-PVPEN82 (63%)48 (37%)1:1.1130
209ScillaESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
210ShadowmoonESTPVPEN67 (42%)94 (58%)1:1.4161
211ShandrisESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
212Shattered HandESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
213SkullcrusherESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
214SmolderthornESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
215Steamwheedle CartelESTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
216StormrageESTPVEEN842 (100%) (0%):842
217TanarisESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
218The Forgotten CoastESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
219ThrallESTPVEEN (0%)515 (100%):515
220TortheldrinESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
221TrollbaneESTPVEEN (0%)107 (100%):107
222TuralyonESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
223UldamanESTPVEEN77 (51%)75 (49%)1:1152
224UndermineESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
225WarsongESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
226YseraESTPVEEN495 (100%) (0%):495
227YsondreESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
228Zul'jinESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
229ZuluhedESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
230AzralonBRTPVPptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
231GallywixBRTPVEptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
232GoldrinnBRTPVEptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
233NemesisBRTPVPptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
234Tol BaradBRTPVPptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
235Aman'thulAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
236BarthilasAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
237CaelestraszAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
238Dath'RemarAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
239DreadmaulAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
240FrostmourneAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
241GundrakAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
242Jubei'ThosAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
243Khaz'gorothAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
244NagrandAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
245SaurfangAESTPVEEN103 (100%) (0%):103
246ThaurissanAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
Overall41,521 (44%)52,567 (56%)1:1.394,088

The ratios are color coded as follows. If the number you see is red, then there have been less than 50 data snapshots submitted for this server/faction in the last 30 days. This is BAD and we need more info on those realm/factions! If the number you see is in yellow, then there have been more than 50, but less than 100. This is better, but we really could use more data. If the number is green then there have been more than 100 snapshots submitted in the last 30 days. This is fairly acceptible to give reliable data!

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