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1974ER says:
Nov 04, 13 14:19
Guild level 7 reached on 3.11.2013.
1974ER says:
Oct 31, 13 16:18
Guild reached level 24.
1974ER says:
Oct 25, 13 14:41
Note to self: 21M updates exceeded, now at 21,000,409. :D
timmitus says:
Oct 17, 13 18:11
Long time no see /Crailer (Holy pala)
timmitus says:
Oct 17, 13 18:08
My favorit guild of all time <3 /Crailer (Holy pala)
1974ER says:
Oct 07, 13 12:00
Note to self: 59 months... Total new ones 3,734,130 Total updates 20,847,929
1974ER says:
Oct 04, 13 21:41
Guild reached level 5 on 4.10.2013.
DianeS says:
Oct 03, 13 11:51
ER,SR,Garona A, Dath'Remar A/H done 10-3
Sinistergent says:
Oct 03, 13 08:02
GM forever Sinistergent R.I.P
Sinistergent says:
Oct 03, 13 08:00
I started Sinister Gentleman a very long time ago. Sinistergent was my warrior, we merged to cats in hats close to the final days of vanilla. Just alittle back story to the guild.
DianeS says:
Oct 03, 13 02:44
Norgannon a/h done 10-3-13
1974ER says:
Oct 02, 13 06:22
This guild reached level 20 on 1.10.2013.
kipe0602 says:
Sep 26, 13 17:17
Kaffeklanen søger nye danske medlemmer.. skriv til Texa for invite :)
1974ER says:
Sep 26, 13 09:39
Note to self: 3,7M new ones exceeded, now at 3,704,813 with one file unprocessed.
Sartak1977 says:
Sep 26, 13 08:36
Your a bad mother fucker when your sitting behind a pc screen why not come on over here to missouri let me teach you how we handle problems? Chi-town aint that far away hell I even got some kin not far from ya I am sure they would help you out with a ride even just give me 10 minutes with ya lil dude i will bust that ass wide open unless your daddy done did trust me i got no fear of laying my mother fucking hands down on anyone!
Ripshotbh says:
Sep 26, 13 08:32
Aww what's wrong can't handle the fact that daddy's little girl is a net whore? I bet her mom is too. Or are you just pissed cause she wants to fuck me and not you?
1974ER says:
Sep 24, 13 22:05
Guild reached level 19 on 24.9.2013.
1974ER says:
Sep 24, 13 22:04
Guild reached level 2 on 24.9.2013.
TystoMeetYou says:
Sep 21, 13 01:06, I'm looking for the owner of this old char. Adra, if you're out there somewhere, this is Tys.
Ibbi says:
Sep 20, 13 21:47
Battletag: ibbi#1846
Ibbi says:
Sep 20, 13 21:45
Crucial Alliance most of 2006
Ibbi says:
Sep 20, 13 21:45
Not listed: 60 Most of 2006
Ibbi says:
Sep 20, 13 21:40
Korgath - US Character Ibbi is owned by a friend who keeps tabs every now and then. The real Ibbi plays on Korgath - US. My many alts I play are as listed: Ibbeth, Rowyn, Boogers, Bubblegum, Odyssey and Breeze. Breeze is my raider and priority toon as of Mists of Pandaria 5.4
MasterNewbie says:
Sep 17, 13 12:19
Transferred to Arnkalkkal-Ner'zhul
Sartak1977 says:
Sep 03, 13 19:46
I ever get my hands on that mother fucker Ted....... I will twist your god damn head off like a bottle cap
BKitsune says:
Sep 01, 13 19:33
It's been 6 years since that weird incident that left me without my favorite leveling partner when I was still a nubcake to wow. My wee mage, Adraile, unable to pull proper damage. One might think it's weird, but this guy right here was the closest I had to a friend after moving so much and having a lot happen to me. Though unlikely that the person behind this toon even looks at this site, if he ever see this, you are remembered and rather missed. Should Aesh see this, I insist that you come find me at anytime. Iemi - Stormrage. Shuqui - Moon Guard.
Earthan says:
Sep 01, 13 16:51
My Original DK created Nov 13, 2008. Now in Enchanted Forest
dirtyklingon says:
Sep 01, 13 16:47
the finest damn healer i've ever played an mmo with. not only was she down for pretty much anything, she was damned good at it. we didn't give a shit about specs so much as our skills, and she performed amazingly every night. i miss her quiet presence as much as her ability to stretch her heals between two cowboy frost mages. this one's for you grace.
Layiaissa says:
Aug 25, 13 20:17
Now on Area 52
1974ER says:
Aug 09, 13 13:33
Guild has reached level 2.