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WOW - Minority of One - Naomh

GuildMinority of One
WarcraftRealms ID51235587
First SeenJan 17, 07
Last SeenFeb 10, 15
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Claimed by Balgair
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After I enjoyed levelling Sagart to 60 I knew I had to have an Alliance priest to group with my guildmates there. I considered a dwarf, but then Draenei were announced and I liked the idea... got into the TBC beta, rolled this character on the first day, and fell in love immediately. She ended up as my main for much of Burning Crusade, until social stuff led to me changing over to Horde and making Sagart my main. She remained pretty much untouched since then, a relic of days gone by, until Warlords of Draenor was announced... just the excuse I'd been wanting to level my old favourite again. I've loved the Draenei for years, and an expansion focussing on them sounds fantastic to me. Thank you Blizzard :-)
Level Guild Date
90 Minority of One Sep 27, 14
85 Minority of One Apr 09, 14
80 Minority of One Jan 05, 14
75 Minority of One Nov 26, 13
70 Unguilded Aug 28, 09
70 Ivory Heart Mar 17, 07
65 Ivory Heart Mar 06, 07
60 Ivory Heart Feb 20, 07
55 Ivory Heart Feb 15, 07
40 Ivory Heart Feb 05, 07
25 Ivory Heart Jan 29, 07

* Unguilded entries could be bogus due to problems with the World of Warcraft client not always 100% of the time getting guild information from Blizzard's servers.

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