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WOW - Blaze - Aash

WarcraftRealms ID148035747
First SeenJul 26, 11
Last SeenApr 13, 13
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Claimed by Layiaissa
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In life, Aash sneaked out of Lordaran right before the wall went up, hitching a ride with a dwarf hunter that took her on a tour of the world and taught her the ways of the hunter. After they parted and she went home, she was killed during the Forsaken assault after the wall fell. Aash embraced her second shot at existence, but between her experience with her gift pet and Lillian Voss, not Sylvanas. Instead, she\'s ran as far as she could away from the northern eastern kindoms, looking for her old companions, new members for her pack, and her dwarven mentor, who she is beginning to believe may have joined the Twilight Hammer. She hides in plain sight, loyally serving the Horde in all it\'s endeavors.
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Level Guild Date
41 Blaze Apr 13, 13
39 Blaze Dec 27, 12
36 Blaze Dec 29, 11
28 Horde Guardian Jul 26, 11

* Unguilded entries could be bogus due to problems with the World of Warcraft client not always 100% of the time getting guild information from Blizzard's servers.

Layiaissa says:
Aug 25, 13 20:17
Now on Area 52
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