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Something Borrowed and Something Blew

Disclaimer: The following was not written by WarcraftRealms. World of Warcraft seems to have a very heavy following, to say the absolute least. This game has injected itself into popular culture in only a few short years in a way that some religio...

World of Warcraft TCG

<h2>Introduction to the game.</h2> <p>Before I dive into my impressions of the <a href=''>World of Warcraft Trading Card Game</a>, I thought I would give a brief description of ...

How to submit an image for your character

Some new image features have been added to You can now elect to upload images to display on your character, user, and guild pages. This short article will explain all you need to know to get your own images displaying on Warcraf...

How to Run a Successful Guild

<p><i>By Themistoklis ?Yenx? Pantazakos</i></p> <center><i>Table of Contents</i></center><br> 1 ? The Basics<br>2 ? Recruitment<br>3 ? Guild Drama<br>4 ? Punishment<br>5 ...

Interview with Rollie, admin of

<em>This article originally appeared on but the site is now defunct. The author is heartless_ and you can visit his <a href=''>gaming blog here</a>. The article was created in August of ...

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