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Time to dispel the doom and gloom


With help from unexpected sources
Shortly before collapsing into bed
I was able to do a census run
Not with CensusPlus or ClassicCensusPlus so the data captured was not what we need.

But it helped show me the direction I was heading will work.

Hopefully not as BADLY as the code I was testing, which has serious issues.

Good news:
We will have the ability to collect census data.. and much sooner then I had feared.

Known news:
Yes the only way to do this collection requires the user interaction (i.e. mouse click or Macro bound key click) for each query that is submitted.

Unexpected news:
I had read that a side impact of the function protection was that it would not work if the character was 'in combat'.. this has proven wrong.
And that is a very good thing.

Expected news:
Others have run into the server side limiting Blizzard has in place to stop server flooding via this query function.
This is something we have known about for years and nearly forgotten due to coding in buffering delays along with the processing time required to take the found data and integrate it into our in game table of Characters.
Bottom line census taking will be much slower and will require more action from the census taker.

Bad New:
Since I got some of the confirmations from real problem addons..
Yes the Gold Sellers, nearly Auto Guild-Invite /Guild-invite spammers and all the rest of the stuff we hate.. will be back in business.. and much quicker then I will be able to release the updated code for our census runs.
bringoutyourdead says:
September 29,2019 at 13:52
Balgair expect to get some code for testing... it will be user unfriendliness :evil: and functionality on very high population realms.

i.e. it is not my code.. just some stuff for testing that has been modified to not be EVIL code. :roll: :shock:

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