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RE: This website, WoW Classic, CensusPlusClassic addon


As of this time there are no known considerations for this website to support the Classic version of World of Warcraft as a character census tracking site.

I have not received any communication from the site owner nor have I seen any internal coding changes to suggest otherwise.

As the maintainer of the CensusPlus addon for World of Warcraft I am a bit unhappy that I had no communication at all from Christophrus who forked CensusPlus to create CensusPlusClassic.

Having said that as long has he respects the spirit of the license that CensusPlus was released under, and maintains the copyright notices and development attributions, and foremost protects both this site and the original CensusPlus addon from interference from the new version code...
He has my blessing, such as it is...

There is a lot of work that should be done in CensusPlusClassic to make it run much more efficiently considering the different environment that WoW Classic is vs. the current WoW.

I do have some concerns that players may try to have both addon's enabled or at least installed on both client versions.. that may cause issues.
As I have not looked at Classic myself, I won't know until Classic goes live on the 26th.
Rollie says:
August 19,2019 at 8:25
I'll see if I can get a hold of the current site maintainer. I've actually tried talking with him not too long ago to see about coming back to help out. There are other options as well if we needed to (such as spinning up a subdomain or something to support classic).

Any chance you can give me a brief rundown of what the differences are in classic vs current? I admit I haven't even dipped my toes in the WoW world in many years at this point :(
bringoutyourdead says:
August 19,2019 at 21:13
I did not bother trying out the Classic stress test beta, so I have no first hand information myself.

Grab the latest CensusPlus and also CensusPlusClassic which is a minimally modified fork.

Remember back to how CensusPlus was back before the Burning Crusade and compare the massive increase in code size of current.

While CensusPlusClassic appeared to work for the beta.. a lot of no longer useful code could and should be stripped out for the classic environment.
CensusPlusClassic also will interfere with CensusPlus if a user installs it into the wrong client and forces OUT OF DATE enable. (I better make a new announcement about that here and elsewhere.. sigh)

It appears that Christophrus was totally unprepared for web side traffic load.
Even before Classic has gone live his site had gone down.
Do a google search on CensusClassicPopulation.. you can see the minimal presentation of data he had on the site.
I have no clue if it was taken down for server resource load or web traffic load issues.
If he had a clue as to how much resources are needed to maintain a site like this he might have chosen a different project to expand his programming skills.
Just to give a little idea, currently the core character table(s) that track only [a unique CharacterID number, Character level, associated GuildID number, and the latest timestamp for that specific combination of data] has grown to over 200 million records.
To track data like this takes serious resources. When I was told how big the server was, my jaw dropped. And the bandwidth is not tiny either.

This weekend I purchased a 60 day card and reactivated my account.. just so I could look at how Blizzard recreated the classic experience.

As far as goes.. the site is in need of TLC.. but I have kept the core functionality intact.
Metalbeast gave me far too much access. My logon access is at the same level as himself and his NOC! Scares the dickens out of me.. if I make a mistake I could down maybe a hundred clients!!!

The forum software really needs to be updated.. and it isn't really that much of a problem (at least when I did it on my home test server environment.)
The email connectivity is flaky at best for admin users.. and just plain broken for members.
This is due to certain infrastructure issues at the server farm site and not a website local machine problem.

Some security scripts need to be added to purge out and block black hat membership applications which we had to clamp down on to stop forum floods. While writing this message I received 15 notices of membership applications.. of which I am sure all are from spam bots.

The above problems have made it very difficult for real people to become active members of Warcraftrealms.

Fix those things and I expect WarcraftRealms can be a lively place for WoW players again.

Rollie expect a PM from me soon.

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