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ClassicCensusPlus has been blocked by Blizzard


If you know how or way please leave me a note or post in the CensusPlus UI mod forums.

I will try to figure out what can be done.. and why they don't like us after 14 years.
bringoutyourdead says:
September 19,2019 at 7:5
I have seen a reddit post where a user commented that this might be an action against a LFG type addon.
And we got caught in the cross fire.

Also this is only for World of Warcraft Classic.
Live is working fine for me.
BuGsY says:
September 20,2019 at 14:51
I can't believe this... ugh
TheDeamon says:
September 20,2019 at 18:1
How would sendWho() being disabled even break a LFG addon?

Well, okay, operative part should be [i:d3a3e5cf77]reliably break[/i:d3a3e5cf77] a LFG addon?

"DPS LFG" in chat typically tells enough all the same.

Or they'll just resort to "DPS Warrior LFG (location)" and just continue scrapping chat...
bringoutyourdead says:
September 21,2019 at 7:6
The reason was all speculation.
Blizzard has publicly commented that they do not want LFG type addon attempting to recreate LFG of retail WoW.
But yes, that linkage is poorly considered.. but then most user comments in the Blizzard forums have been porrly considered.

The issue of the SendWho function call is that it is the heart of any reasonable census tracking.
While you can manually issue a single query with a keyboard action.
I don't think players would be interested in having to do hundreds of query initiations manually per census run.

The known problem for Blizzard with our ability to use SendWho in an addon is that same code is the heart of nearly all Gold seller spam programs.
I was shocked and dismayed when I first looked at those programs and realized they had ripped whole chunks directly from the then current CensusPlus and used them (with my embedded comments and all) to drive their addon.

In the past Blizzard apparently felt the good users of the SendWho function ( and I include CensusPlus) out weighted the bad users, and they choose to attack the bad users through other means.
I believe the current crop of Blizzard developers do not have the same respect and relations with addon developers of today that they had in the past.

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