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Census information display


New races are in and display for single faction displays.
Both faction display is cutting off at 14 of 18 races.
I need to fix the file name for one or more race icons so they will show correctly.

To be honest, I don't know for sure (yet) if the numbers associated with each race is correct or not.. some of the values could be swapped and displaying for the wrong race.

The coding on this page is 'tricky'.. so I am having to work through the lines of code to figure out what is going on.

Using the current version Microsoft Edge web browser seems to display the page formatting ok.
But my current version Firefox is unhappy with the css style information that is associated with this page.

If I remember correctly these pages are cached when they are built so they don't have to be built again for every view.
You may have to wait [[i:aa7183230f]edit[/i:aa7183230f] ] 3 hours for the cache to expire and have newer updated pages built for display.
bringoutyourdead says:
April 14,2018 at 19:42
Single faction displays now show all nine current races correctly.

Both faction displays with 18 races.. should be working .. as soon as the old cached files expire and are deleted.

I will check further on this Monday.

levels are working... assuming you live in the micro or nano scale world :shock: :lol: :wink:

I am thinking about splitting the level info into two lines
level 20 - 60
level 61-110 (120)

But this needs further thought and much testing.. as I will probably break much

As Metalbeast did when he used this site for as a CDN delivered services site.
(It helps justify hosting our site using his business resource, and speeds up web page delivery (or so it should), but some links, like most of the navigation links were broken and not fixed. :( )
bringoutyourdead says:
April 15,2018 at 20:25
The full both faction display still has issues.
There are two sections of related code.. one is single faction only and the other is both.
There is a missed code update on the both code (right in front of my eyes, but I haven't seen it yet)
This is causing the Void Elf to not display
I expect that to be fixed tomorrow.
The same issue or a variant of it, is probably why the last four race bars are not resizing from default full display to the partial display based upon count numbers.

Please note: Comparing the numbers between Both and either single faction is a waste of time.. as the pages are not created at the same time and numbers are changed with any upload processing.

I am checking the site operation using the latest Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers, I have no real interest in loading up other browsers.

The Level bars are not displaying... this is I believe due to an issue on the CDN server.. I will check by reverting that code to use the processing machine and not the CDN machine for that asset.

Edge (at least as far as the standard configuration) is not displaying the ALT tag data when the image is not available.
Firefox does.. which is why it goes funky and resized on me.
This oddity should be a non-issue if my above modification bring the level bar images back.

The site navigation flakiness will have to be fixed by Metalbeast or some programmer in his business, as I have no access to the CDN server(s).
bringoutyourdead says:
April 16,2018 at 20:4
Hey level bars are back... they are screwy, but that was not my concern for todays fixes.

I think someone at Metalbeast's business broke the connection between and the CDN server that was serving all the static links and images.
That is why the site navigation is even worse then it was.. sigh

I have disabled the caching of census data display... this is only a temporary modification.
the cache was badly impacting my testing.

I fixed a number of missed code updates to display the 18 races on one page... but it still doesn't work.
And I think, I know why... I did a bad thing, I added two new races into the database tables even though they are not live yet.
Doing that wasn't the bad thing, it was the order I did them.
Tomorrow I will do another temporary bad thing, that should fix the issue.
see two wrongs can make a right... as long as you don't care about unintended consequences.

After the Dark Iron and Zandalari races go live.. the bad/ugly fix can be removed and things should work as expected.
And that is my story, and I am sticking to it... at least until tomorrow.
bringoutyourdead says:
April 17,2018 at 16:47
Census display is working again.

The only part I am not fully happy about is the order of races.
It is suppose to be alphabetical .... but I can live with all of them showing with the correct data.

Level bars are showing and don't look that bad.
The spacing on the indexing of levels has been adjusted so the bars above are in proximity of the index number.

The site navigation and most static images live on the CDN server now.
Unfortunately the link between the www and CDN server appears broken.
I will not be reverting all the code changes Metalbeast made to have the CDN active...
so we just have to live with broken web site for now.

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