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World of Warcraft v7 is nearly upon us.


CensusPlus is functionally ready for the new version.
I do hope we will have updated translations to include with the release.

As the game will be at a new major version level, the addon will also be treated as a Major update and the release will be considered mandatory.

This means that if you upload your data to this site, you will want to do so just before you install the [b:9e8f4c6a93]new release[/b:9e8f4c6a93] which[b:9e8f4c6a93] will purge your CensusPlus data[/b:9e8f4c6a93].

I would recommend uploading your data and then waiting until the site has processed with a Y result.
Then after WoW has upgraded to V7.0.(x) install your new addons.

It is possible (maybe probable) that this site will stop accepting V6 data just before Blizzard restarts the US realms.

We hope that shortly after the EU realms go live we can re-enable uploads, but there may be a delay while Metalbeast verifies that this site is ready for V7 game data.
and then the acceptable version of data will be updated and new uploads will be accepted.

You can spot when the site is ready by checking the
page for the version 7 notice.

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