Select Language is now accepting data for V7 WoW


We are currently accepting data via the standard web form

the too frequent overwrite function is disabled.
[b:4cbd24d158]Please upload your saved data files no faster then once every five minutes.[/b:4cbd24d158]

[b:4cbd24d158]Uniupload is not yet enabled[/b:4cbd24d158]
If your data files are larger then about 8MB then please hold on to those until later today.
We still need to do final testing before we can re-enable this option.

Thank you for your patience while the site was updated.

Unleash the Cats of Census taking.
(the phrase Dogs of War was already taken :lol: :roll: )

Actual processing of the uploaded data is still blocked until later (today?).

With the new class, I forced the modification of the Activity tracking [TimesPlus] data.
This triggered the need to rebuild the table(s) that record this information.
Metalbeast has taken the opportunity to also modify how the table is stored and processed to future proof and improve processing speed.

Processing of the data will resume after the database engine finishes the rebuild of these tables.
bringoutyourdead says:
August 1,2016 at 15:36
Uploaded data is now being processed... :D :D :D :D

Uniuploader server side code is being modified and will be tested later today.
I will update when it is ready for use.
bringoutyourdead says:
August 1,2016 at 16:50
Uniuploader uploads are now functional.

As with standard web form upload, [b:c28f15b497]Please upload your saved data files no faster then once every five minutes.[/b:c28f15b497]

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