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Site Maintenance Thursday 2016-08-25


I will be blocking upload PROCESSING tomorrow morning until a database cleanup process has finished.

How long this process will take is unknown at this time.
It may be a few hours.. or all day.

We will be cleaning out all the duplicate Demon Hunter entries and need to get it done before the expansion pack goes live and levels increase to 110.
bringoutyourdead says:
August 28,2016 at 0:36
Clean up is done... about one million incorrect Demon Hunters records were removed.

If interested, check your Demon Hunter history.
Bad data caused multiple choices as a response to searching for your character name on your realm.
Correct data needs to return just one choice.
(unless the character is faction/race/class changed.)

upload processing was restored.. 110 uploads processed in almost exactly 10 minutes.

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