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New membership application requirement changes


You need to be more complete and honest with your application.

The minimum userid request and email address is no longer enough.

If you tell me your on the East coast of the USA, with a timezone of GMT-6 and an IP from Eastern Asia.. I won't even bother to check further.. I will just deny/ban your application and IP

It cost me well over an hour just to clear out the crap that showed up today.

by the way.. welcome to the 2 possible new users.. your accounts were approved..
but you are on the bubble and being watched since I didn't get enough information to give me warm fuzzy feeling that you are real people interested in World of Warcraft and CensusPlus.

Spamming in forums will get you banned real quick.
bringoutyourdead says:
November 18,2016 at 16:12
the forum registration code has been changed.

Note that Location and TimeZone will be marked with *
As stated at the top of the registration page '*' indicates required information.

Location should be something close to City, State, Country.. or your local equivalent.

TimeZone should be altered to match your local standard time as offset from GMT (UTC)
ignore any Daylight savings or Summer time adjustments.

Edit: this has been finished for some time
bringoutyourdead says:
November 18,2016 at 16:12
popping this thread back to the top... people are missing or ignoring these changes
bringoutyourdead says:
November 18,2016 at 16:12
Popping thread again.
When a new application comes in failing the current requirements,
if I am feeling nice/happy/relaxed.. I will attempt to verify and give benefit of doubt.. and enable the account with a PM (Private Message) to the new member to fix the problem areas (7 day window)
if the above isn't the case and/or the application feels wrong.. I mark the application incomplete and allow it to expire during an automated run put in place by Rollie & Metalbeast.

I have been very busy cleaning out undead history records (history exists, basic character info gone).
If you have been paying any attention to the Database stats page, you will note the the Character Historical Records has dropped from just under 300 million to currently 260 million records.. and I am not finished with the clean out.

I allowed the temporary member accounts to stay live much longer then indicated in the PM to the new member.
But sad to say..only one of the temporary accounts bothered to read their PM (and make the corrections) ... all the rest were marked back to Inactive status, and will be purged soon.
bringoutyourdead says:
June 3,2019 at 19:55
Reminder for those who wish to join the Forum on this site and have their uploads credited to their names.
Due to the massive attacks from bots on our site, you must follow the instructions as listed in this thread and on the application to have any chance of getting accepted.

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