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CensusPlus V7.0.1 now live on both distribution sites


This is a maintenance level release and does not impact existing census data.
This is not mandatory, version 7.0.0 data will still be accepted.

- Fixed Class [b:3ffcce986a]display[/b:3ffcce986a] order.. both Race and Class process in order from right to left.
- Blizzard parses each word in the /who query so any query that contains "Hunter" as class will return both 'Hunter' and 'Demon Hunter'
- This version skips the query for 'Demon Hunter' as it is currently redundant.. shortens census run times.
- Note: Using /who c-"Demon"' will return only Demon Hunters results, but the Hunter class can no longer be singled out for who results.

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