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CensusPlus V6.3.4 released to distribution


Curse(forge) and have both received the new update.
After their processing is complete, it will be available for download.

Note: as this update only impacts in game processing, the older 6.3.3 version will remain valid for upload until further notice.

6.3.4 - 04/14/2016 - minor update previous version will remain valid until further notice
- Resume Census run now possible. Allows resume after being disconnected from realm, or character log out, log in - if still on same realm/faction
- for resume to trigger the following conditions must be meet:
- - an active Census run must have been in progress when you are disconnected from server, or character logged out of realm.
- - return to realm must be no later then five minutes after last census update event.
- - the reactivation of census must be for the same realm/faction
- if a Census start event occurs where the above conditions are not meet, any pending queue entries will be purged and a new Census is run instead.

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