Select Language and TOR networks


Over the last few weeks the spambot attacks on the site have shifted.

In the past we were seeing sources from troubled areas of the world such as the post Soviet European nations,
various Asian countries such as mainland China,
and ISP networks with long standing history of being friendly to bad actor groups on the internet.

Now almost every attempt to place bad web links or other attempts to get our members to fall for their hacking attacks has arrived via a TOR output end point.

As such, since I have no interest in spending my whole time fighting the issue one IP at a time,
I will be adding the TOR network to the network blocked list along with ISP networks like OVH and most networks coming out of China.

I really can't think of a reason that someone would feel the need to hide their access to this website, but if you feel that is important..
[b:ce263b62d4]you need to find a different path.[/b:ce263b62d4]

As the attacks come along, I use some standard tools to examine the source of the attack.
If I find that the network segment the attack came from has a large number of other attack source addresses, I will deny the whole segment.
If I find (like OVH) that the ISP has multiple segments with attack source IP addresses, I will deny the ISP on all segments I discover, before they can be used against this website.

On the other hand if it was just a hijacked single IP.. I do limit the denial to that one IP.
If that becomes the issue for your IP address... well you have bigger problems then just not being able to access this website.!

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