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The new WCR server is online and operating normally.
bringoutyourdead says:
March 30,2015 at 12:31
To expand on that:
Metalbeast has moved us again to an even more impressive set of hardware.
At this point we are for all intents and purposes running completely at the speed of memory.
With a hefty number of processors, enough RAM to nearly eliminate any paging needs and 500GB of SSD for high speed storage. The days of being slowed by Disk speed reads and writes are gone.

Along with the other network infrastructure changes should keep us going nicely.

There are still some known minor issues.
If you spot anything odd, please let us know in the WarcraftRealms Bugs forum.

There is also some offline work ongoing to evaluate the posssiblity for forums upgrades and single signon logins for site and forums... when and if that happens is to be determined.
bringoutyourdead says:
April 7,2015 at 18:9
The configuration issue has been fixed.. it appears.

Web uploads larger then 2MB now work
I just did a greater then 6MB upload and it is in the queue waiting to process.
We need to push uploads and get our data back to current.. and see what is the new maximum upload limit!

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