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SPAM mail claiming to come from the owner of Warcraftrealms


[b:38431aa7b0]If you receive any email from
Chris Lehman aka (samir at
or anyone else who claims to be associated with
and the mail doesn't come from (or the actual ISP provider) then delete it.[/b:38431aa7b0]

Someone was granted membership due to the fact they had not yet exposed their bad behavior to the internet already under that identification.

Once they have the membership.. they have access to things, I wish they wouldn't.. and in the future won't.

Unfortunately since much of the site it tied tightly to an old version of phpBB, it suffers from the unfortunate assumptions in that version.

I will be going through the logs to find the IP address(es) that were trolling for contact info [other than the standard search engines] and will be banning those IP address(es) and associated accounts.

Work is slowly ongoing to move us from the old forum software.. but it is a large change with many ramifications.

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