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Notice.. new mandatory CensusPlus upgrade soon.


see first post from Balgair

I won't be releasing the tease code, I have been showing for the Legend Xpac.
The next release will be based upon current version with the following changes:

Census will range from 100 - 20

Mouseover and Target/focus recording of spotted characters will be disabled.

Single census of player will be disabled (considering it doesn't work for below level 20 anyway.) .. this last might be reinstated before I release code.

Release will happen when it happens.
bringoutyourdead says:
September 20,2015 at 21:3
Working on the site.
Modifying the files to handle the new version and the current version for a short period of time.

Web uploads seem to be working.
Uniupload may or may not be working at this time
I am showing a problem, but it could be my reinstall of Uniuploader and not the site.
Or I broke the Uniupload.php code for the site.
either way I should have this fixed soon.

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