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I just banned user {REDACTED}... could you be next?


This users upload data has turned up bad again..
apparently he/she is hand editing the data file before submission..
I mean come on.. characters with level -1 !!!!!

This is not the first time this user has come to my attention over bad data.

When I tried to contact this person to get the problem fixed.. I discovered the email contact data was bogus.
Since this person has never posted a message on the forums, I have to assume PM would never be read.

I choose this public announcement with the hope that contact can be made and the problem fixed
But if no contact is made.. then the attached IP address will be banned also.

For everyone one else... make sure your email address is valid.
I don't like using the Ban Hammer... but I will when I must.
bringoutyourdead says:
May 17,2015 at 22:46
Follow up

Here is an example of data that was submitted

["Mage"] = {
["Calimagus"] = {
-1, -- [1]
"Dragon Knights", -- [2]
"EU-Saurfang", -- [3]
"2015-04-09", -- [4]

Calimagus is a level 100 character

The good news is that the production code knows to drop this bad data. (the bad news for me as a coder.. is that it was doing it silently.)

I didn't know this was happening until I pulled samples of uploads to populate my development system.
I am pulling more samples from up to 30 days ago to see if this has been going on for some time.

The bad news for members...
I have already spotted 9 different users with this bad data.
I will be contacting them in the next few days.

If you want to check your own data...
(use a file viewer with search, or make a copy of your data file so you don't accidentally cause the very problem we are trying to stop)

search for

-1, -- [1]
or level negative 1, If you find that .. Please PURGE your data, and let me know your file was damaged.
bringoutyourdead says:
May 19,2015 at 0:16
Thanks to the obsessive work of Padanfain... we .. mostly he..
discovered the problem.

I won't need to ban the other people...
instead I need to release a new version of CensusPlus

The next release will be a force version change... which will cause an automatic purge of your database.
And the grace version updates will be blocked, as everyone needs to go to the new version when it is released.

ManBearPig.. I still need to hear from your. with a valid updated email contact address.

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