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I just moved to Windows 10 and as to be expected there are some issues to be resolved.
bringoutyourdead says:
July 30,2015 at 20:33
Windows 10 is ... interesting... by default from the taskbar the File Explorer and the I.E. replacement "Edge' fail to work... alternate click does allow alternate menu to come up and you can select a launch from there.

For who knows what reason.. mid playing wow.. the sound system on my notebook shutdown.
It took awhile to get sound back.

Many of my programs had their directories touched.. and the date set to today.

The AMD Internet traffic shaper.. which is suppose to make access faster.. isn't ready for Windows 10

And oh yea.. Microsoft assumes you have hardwired permanent internet connection... doing the upgrade via public wifi hotspot.. which requires web authentication.. leads to issues.
bringoutyourdead says:
August 5,2015 at 17:52
After a week.. I stand by my statement.. Windows 10 is interesting.
[b:28c4856f0d]Due to this and civic obligations (jury duty) next week, new account starts will be slow to activate.[/b:28c4856f0d]

I wouldn't call Windows 10 a deal breaker if that is what is installed on a new computer purchase.
But I would suggest holding off a little bit longer, if you are thinking of using the free upgrade route.

There are a number of items that are showing failures across a number of users.. where the same feature works for most others.

The biggest issue I have been fighting is that the new start (button) menu, just doesn't work.
If I didn't already have a start icon on the desktop.. or knew where the program was to launch via RUN command.. my only hope was to find it using search (and that has been oddly iffy.)

I tried using 3rd party starter button menu system ( and that worked fine .. until a Microsoft patch stomped on it and put me into a failed login loop.
That was nasty, but at least it showed that Microsoft is actively working on that problem.
On the other hand .. crawling the web shows that Microsoft has been unable to create an acceptable solution with many changes, for over 6 months now.. hmmm

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