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CensusPlus for WoW 6.2 UP on sites


I thought I had mentioned this already but I can't find the post..

I have been having some difficulty with Blizzard about PTR testing for 6.2.
I was testing in WoD, off and on, waiting for addons to be enabled until a build at the beginning of this month blocked my access.

After opening a ticket and then following the customer support instruction to re-enable my account to active, I have not been able to get my PTR account reinstated from the downgraded PTR MOP to PTR WOD.
While I have the latest and last PTR build (6/17)[ I am active on PTR.. just not in Draenor], it does not have the option to enable addons.
I don't know if this is due to my oddball account status on PTR or if they just haven't enabled addons.

What this means is that we won't have a validated CensusPlus until after 6.2 goes live and I can actually test the code.

I expect that CensusPlus will work fine...
but I also expect it will be considered out dated, having the wrong TOC version.

Assuming both of the above expectations prove true.. I will be releasing a new version of CensusPlus.. to update the TOC version.

There will not be a need to change the acceptable versions for upload here at

[u:450b7fd1c6]Unfortunately I won't be able to do that until mid to late afternoon PDT on US release day 6/23.[/u:450b7fd1c6] underline instead of strike-out
see below
bringoutyourdead says:
June 18,2015 at 17:18
I have confirmed that the TOC version number for WoD6.2 will be 60200
so as stated above the Current version of CensusPlus will be considered out of date.
bringoutyourdead says:
June 21,2015 at 13:29
Padanfain was able to test the current CensusPlus in the PTR and didn't see an issue.

So I will modify the TOC and release a update Monday night.. if curseforge allows.
Otherwise the original release time noted above will still be valid.
bringoutyourdead says:
June 22,2015 at 21:28
Upload sites are prepared for WoD6.2

CensusPlus v6.3.1 has been uploaded for WoD6.2 TOC 60200

I didn't bother to test.. but I expect the WoW client will complain if you try loading this addon before you have the client updated to 6.2.

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