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CensusPlus V6.2.0.d - uploaded to


6.2.0.d - 02/01/2015
- update libwho-2.0 and some frFR and znCN translations.
FuxieDK says:
February 2,2015 at 2:14
[quote:be34f4d3a5="bringoutyourdead"]6.2.0.d - 02/01/2015
- update libwho-2.0 and some frFR and znCN translations.[/quote:be34f4d3a5]As far as I understand, LibWho isn't officially updated, and thus we can encounter problems with other addons that use LibWho (e.g. Prat).

Is it advisable to manually copy LibWho from C+ to other afdons that use it, umtil those addons also have an updated version of LibWho?
bringoutyourdead says:
February 2,2015 at 12:33
Your understanding is incorrect.. the libwho-2.0 library was official updated yesterday.
libwho home site is at

Both WIM and CensusPlus issued updates based on the new 144 tagged update.
Prat doesn't include libwho in the distribution.

There is at least one other active addon (that I won't name) that is using an older version of the library... and I hope they continue to use that version.. since they are in game spammers.

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