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BE SURE your antivirius, malware shields are updated


Something odd has hit the site...
I expect it is via (and probably only on) one of the advertisements.
I haven't seen any alert popups
but the top ad has gone funky and when I check using IE 11 it crashes the browser.

Metalbeast has been notified.
bringoutyourdead says:
June 5,2015 at 14:2
But be warned.. there are no shields to protect against Metalbeast (or me :cry: )
The odd issues were due to modifications on the site advertizing,
which apparently don't fully refresh until a certain time of the day.

So no virus or malware... just something to try to reduce the costs of running the site.
( I don't know the inner workings.. but apparently the payments stopped for certain advertizing sources.. but the advertizing didn't.)

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