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Tuesday 14-Oct-2014 Noon PDT cut off for 6.1.2 data


With the release of WoW v6 on Tuesday here in the US.. the existing version of CensusPlus will stop working.

Since we can't do the final testing of the new CensusPlus until Blizzard releases on live realms due to the fact that the PTR realms were never properly configured for UnitGUID api calls.
All PTR realms returned the same data instead of unique data.

We will stop accepting any CensusPlus V6.1.2 upload at the time in the subject line.

We will start accepting the new CensusPlus data as soon as we can verify realms. Time to be determined.
bringoutyourdead says:
October 13,2014 at 20:15
website has been updated to handle the shutoff of uploads.

We will enable uploads with the new CensusPlus version as soon as possible.
Which will depend on the usual Blizzard patch day madness.

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