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OH OH.. bad news.. My computer has ben hijacked by Microsoft


I have just been forced to accept an upgrade to 8.1 from 8.0
I have been saying Later don't bug me.. but that option isn't available any more. sigh

It is either that or format my harddive. and go to Linux.. sigh...

I hope to have a working system after the update finishes.
Padanfain says:
October 25,2014 at 21:51
8.1 upgrade and a freeware menu program were the first things I did to get the Windows 7 feel back. The extra steps to do the same tasks irritated the heck out of me when I was introduced to Windows 8.
Balgair says:
October 26,2014 at 7:24
I kept the feel of Windows 7 by... staying on Windows 7 :P Saw Windows 8, decided that as I run a PC, not a tablet, it's really not for me, and that was that, can't see anything 8 offers over 7 other than massive annoyances ;)
bringoutyourdead says:
October 26,2014 at 15:28
Well, I am back... but I still have more patching and whatnot before I can get back to CensusPlus.
So the next release will be delayed at least one day if not more.
Sorry about that.

When I bought this notebook to be my main computer I had very specific requirements.
As large a screen as I could handle with the highest video resolution available at the time.
At least 1.5TB of disk storage.
Reasonably fast multi-core CPU (ended up with quad-core).
and biometric access control.

Unfortunately, Windows 8 had just come out and Microsoft turned off the tap for Windows 7 OEM installs.
When the free 8.1 release was first offered, I thought about doing the upgrade since 8.0 with its touch that touch that focus was such a nuicsance. But I was block do to the fact that the biometrics software upgrade was not available.

About the time WoD beta started, I discovered that my upgrade path was now possible so I had planned to upgrade after the launch of WoD... :evil:
Rustman says:
October 26,2014 at 21:48
Check out "Start Menu 8".. I use it to keep things more like 7 ;)

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