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New accounts... delayed


For those real people who wish to join the community, I wish to express my apology...
I am a bit overwhelmed and am currently putting most of my time to getting the CensusPlus addon ready for WoW v6.0.2

I will enable the valid new people as soon as possible. Please continue viewing the site as guests.. announcements about CensusPlus will happen here first.

and for the majority of account starts... no you spam bots... you don't get to trash our forums.
bringoutyourdead says:
October 18,2014 at 19:36
Some peoples bad luck, makes good luck for others.

Got hit with another unfortunately needed hot fix from Blizzard so since I could test the addon code.

All pending account starts have been handled.
welcome new users...
and spammers you have been ban hammered as you justly deserve.

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