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Monday June 10th ..mandatory CensusPlus addon update


[edit 09-June-2014 16:24 PDT]
Due to the database problems, which seem to be settling down now, I'm pushing back the Addon update until tomorrow.

[edit 08-June-2014 late PDT]
CensusPlus addon update will go out mid to late afternoon on Monday 09-June-2014

At that time certain website files will be replaced to conform to new release.
Uploads of existing 6.1.0 files will be allowed for about 48 hours after changes are made then new version will be the only valid version for uploads.

If you upload data to the website be sure to do so before you update your CensusPlus addon... this should become general practice from now on.
The reason for this suggestion is that when the version number of the addon changes, the addon will automatically do a purge of your local data in order to make any required modifications to the datafile that is uploaded.

On another note. I confirmed tonight that changing the language used on the WoW client hased caused loss of data. Each supported language uses its own unique Race and Class name spellings. CensusPlus doesn't match this info for each character recorded, instead the language is recorded for the whole file.

If you change your language in the WoW client and have CensusPlus as an addon you need to upload before make the language change.
From now on language changes will also trigger Data purge as a measure to stop data corruption and loss.

[edit 08-June-2014]

Date to be determined: will be released either later today or tomorrow.

Be sure to upload any data you have under the existing version 6.1.0 as the update will force a local PURGE of your data.
If possible I will try to allow a few days grace to allow existing 6.1.0 data to be uploaded, but I may have to just throw the switch to exclude 6.1.0 as the Addon release goes live.

Reason for update, fixes problems found in the processing logs while updating the website processing and database:

Update to localization.lua to support missing issues in some European languages.
Update to better handle addon to website tracking to help find and fix problems faster.
Possible updates for WoD prep

And an update to block all the people who are using out of data addons where they mucked with the internal version number.. instead of just getting the new version.

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