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Battlenet desktop app breaks CensusPlus integrity


Thanks to Beta tester Balgair...
IF you have multi-region licenses for WoW in one Battlenet account Please do not switch regions without deleting your database.
{edit: Purge that was suggested doesn't fix the problem .. the database has to be removed completely and allowed to restart on next loading of CensusPlus in game}

per user Simca on
"A heads-up to users of GetCVar("realmList") - you will need another solution for WoD. That CVar is managed by the BNet app and is deprecated. Fresh installs will no longer have it set.

GetCVar("portal") does seem to still work. It returns "public-test" on PTRs/beta realms though, so make sure to account for that (I would test the returned value and call test realms 'xx' personally, since that's what realmList did).

This change breaks many addons, including part of Ace3."

CensusPlus is also caught by this change.
I will be checking out the 'portal' variable.. and if it works for us will be putting out a mandatory update in a few days.
bringoutyourdead says:
July 20,2014 at 23:15
sigh.. and again..
if you have multi-region licenses for WoW in one Battlenet account
There isn't any fix with the current version.... just don't run CensusPlus except in your home region.

from Balgair in the UK:
"Ah, seen the edit - no, deleting the database doesn't work either - no matter what I try, it sets itself to Europe, only solution is not uploading from the region your install isn't from :-/ I've tried:

Deleting lua file
Editing lua file to say US

Every time it sets itself to Europe."
bringoutyourdead says:
July 24,2014 at 11:5
Unfortunately with more testing addon authors are finding that Blizzard has put us in a bind.

At this time there is no way for an addon to determine which region the game is currently running.

[b:41a0b3f7fb]PLEASE DO NOT use your WoW client in both regions.[/b:41a0b3f7fb]
IF you must do so then stop using CensusPlus ( and many more addons that track the following {characters, guilds, quests.. and probably more}).

The only solution that will work is to have a separate WoW client (different directories and launch short cuts) for each region.
However I can tell you from personal experience it isn't simple.
The Battlenet desktop app will (apparently randomly it seems) change the install and game directory pointers in the launcher and you will need to verify those game settings every time you launch WoW.

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