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March 2009 Drawing


Well, I completely missed doing a drawing in February so I did a double drawing for March. This time around, we'll draw 4 numbers and give away 4 $75 Amazon gift certificates.

In addition, this drawing also includes tickets for Warhammer submissions. So if you haven't been logging in when submitting Warhammer data, be sure to do so in the future!

As usual, you must claim your ticket to win the prize! PM me on the forums or email me, rollie (at)

Good luck!
gmmmpresser says:
March 4,2009 at 23:45
16214 - That\'s me!
1974ER says:
March 6,2009 at 6:49
GZ Gmmmpresser! I got 1007 tickets and still no luck... :(
Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
March 7,2009 at 2:59
I hope this spurs some more WAR submissions. I bought a new computer, and I should get it in a few weeks, and I plan on running Census on ORDER side 24/7 with my old comp. It just seems to not have caught on for WAR because no one submits, and than when someone does refer data from the site they see BETA, and people rip it apart because it will show an order pop at 22k and destro at 5k when people know they are even just because no one is consistently submitting data. Who knows. I may just buy two separate accts for each faction and since no one submits data I will become the #1 top contributor on here again :)
Alanthus says:
March 7,2009 at 8:50
Mmmm, but you will always have the discussion about data being correct and all that since people approach the discussion from the point of trying to either prove or disprove something by any means rather than trying to use the statistical data available to show what it can reasonably show given the limitations in sampling.

It would be VERY nice to see more submissions, especially when there are transfers available and people are looking for a realm to play either an evenly matched, underdog or overpowered game as well as choose between 400, 800 or 1200 players online at prime time on their faction. The chart available for warcraft realms giving concurrent player numbers and ratios at certain times would be extremely helpful with a tad more submissions.
ZhenJi says:
April 1,2009 at 2:57
No luck this time around
Congrats everyone who won! :D

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