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We're moving!


We're currently in the process of migrating to a new webserver. As such, if you find the site down temporarily, that is what is happening. It shouldn't take more than 24 hours for everything to be back to normal though!

If you find things that are not working properly, please let me know!
Singularity says:
July 19,2008 at 5:59
File error! Could not save file! /home/wrlogin/uploads/bg/20080719-055707WR_KillingFields.lua.syfi8

Hybuir says:
July 19,2008 at 10:11
yeah there was a big message that said due to server moving uploads have been disabled :P
DM. says:
July 19,2008 at 10:21
Well forums are still working at least :p

For now....
Hybuir says:
July 19,2008 at 10:22
i just uploaded... seems good to go
Rollie says:
July 19,2008 at 12:36
Things will likely be in flux today. In addition to the server move, I'm also taking this opportunity to do some major db maintenance.
xpolockx says:
July 20,2008 at 2:38
I had a 0 update processed file, but I'd been censusing all night... weird. It's entirely possible that in my sleepiness I uploaded the wrong file though :X
Rollie says:
July 20,2008 at 8:47
It is more likely that it was 'lost' in the shuffle. I'll be re-processing any available files once the db update is complete.
Hybuir says:
July 21,2008 at 6:46
Are we still on a backlog because of the move?
Rollie says:
July 21,2008 at 12:35
Yep, I'm just now this morning working on the process script. Over the past 2 days I've been running some DB updates which I'll update everyone on shortly.
gmmmpresser says:
July 21,2008 at 17:28
Would you still like us to keep submitting data, or wait until everything is up and running again?
Rollie says:
July 21,2008 at 18:45
You can still submit. Processes are started now =)
FuxieDK says:
July 22,2008 at 14:25
I still have 3 uploads from 21/7, which haven't been processed yet...
Rollie says:
July 22,2008 at 17:1
It's a little behind, currently up to 7/21 11 am submissions.
FuxieDK says:
July 22,2008 at 20:28
Yup.. I see that.. 2 of the 3 are now processed.. And I've uploaded a new one..
Zifnab says:
July 29,2008 at 12:53
It looks like you have a broken link on the census page. The automatic updater link you have at the bottom of the page redirects to a wow gold selling website. Not sure if their website died and was taken over, or what happened, but thought you should know about it. Thanks!

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