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Player Concurrency Updates, September 2008


Well, it's been a couple of months since we had a concurrency update so it is definitely time to get it up there!

I have calculated the concurrency numbers provided by the CensusPlus UI Addon.

I actually expected to see sharper declines over the past couple of months, but we can see that numbers are staying relatively stable. With the 3.0 patch coming out tomorrow, and Wrath coming out next month, I suspect we'll see a jump for both October and November. With Christmas not long after that, we could see even higher numbers than ever before as Christmas has always given a boost to the player numbers as new folks come into the game.

We continue to be light on submissions for several realms so help is greatly appreciated! Even 1 person can make a significant contribution, and all help is appreciated. To see if your realms is one of the less covered, check out the Most Wanted page!

And of course, just by submitting, you can win great prizes such as $100 Amazon gift certificates! It's easy to do, it helps the site and it can be profitable to you! So help by submitting data today!
Taemojitsu says:
October 13,2008 at 17:13
most interesting, ty as always for doing the work to track these trends. It isn\'t something most people are in the position to do. I am sorry I am not able to contribute to the site by submitting any census data.

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