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March 08 Drawing


Tickets have been assigned and drawn!

This month I drew 3 winning tickets. Winners will be awarded a $100 Amazon gift certificate!

Winners must notify me by PM through the site, or email to claim their ticket!

Good luck!

Want to know how you can have a chance at our monthly drawings? It's easy, all you need to do is submit data from the Census+ UI AddOn! You can be a winner too! Check out the FAQ for more info on how you can help, and get your shot at the prizes!
Balgair says:
March 6,2008 at 22:47
So all those months when I had 200+ tickets and didn't win... this month I was slacking and only had 27 tickets but number 607 was one of them :D Gotta say I didn't expect that at all, was a surprise to see the message on the front page! :)
Djambo says:
March 7,2008 at 3:22
Congrats Balgair, really well deserved. :) Actually we're neighbours, having 608 myself. 8)
Hybuir says:
March 7,2008 at 6:49
Congrats Balgair (slacker) :)
DM. says:
March 7,2008 at 8:12
yay grats Balgair!!
Tsarmina says:
March 7,2008 at 8:21
[color=indigo:3ece63c9a3]Good job on the newsletter that was emailed. :) No matches for me but I'll keep trying. If Balgair can win, so can I! [/color:3ece63c9a3] 8)
Imzadi says:
March 7,2008 at 9:16
Gz, Balgair. Very well deserved.
Rollie says:
March 7,2008 at 10:26
Congrats Bal! You know the drill, email me your info! You have the addr!
Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
March 7,2008 at 20:47
Gratz Balgair....
Alanthus says:
March 7,2008 at 21:4
Gratz Balgair :)
Balgair says:
March 8,2008 at 0:50
Thanks guys :) Rollie, I sent you a mail last night, don't remember for sure exactly what infos you need though, so let me know if you're missing anything! :)
Tartara says:
March 13,2008 at 23:18
Just wanted to point out that if you follow the 'March drawing' link from the homepage, you end up at the necro'd March 2006 thread, not the current 2008 one.

Might confuse a lot of people...
Rollie says:
March 14,2008 at 13:20
Oh wow, good catch =)
BWDemor says:
March 25,2008 at 23:56
Granted late in the month, but Congratz Balgair.

Balgair says:
May 18,2008 at 4:38
I just (finally) got round to finding enough things to spend my prize on, so thought I'd post and say thanks for it again! :D In among the rest of the order were 3 Warcraft lore books... addicted, me? :mrgreen:

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