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June 2008 Drawing


Look who's been slacking =x

Tickets for the June drawing have been assigned and I will log in to do the rolls here shortly.

This month we will again give away 2 $100 Amazon Gift Certificates.

As usual, winners need to contact me via PM or email to claim their prize!

Good luck!

EDIT: And the numbers are in!

Balgair says:
June 18,2008 at 16:48
Lol, 1856 is mine :) Sure it's only about 2 months since I last won so can you redraw that one Rollie, give somebody else a chance? :)
Rollie says:
June 18,2008 at 20:33
Ha! Well congrats again ;p

It's yours to pass on if you wish!
Balgair says:
June 18,2008 at 20:42
Yeah I'll pass on it, nice to hit lucky but I'm sure there's plenty other folks out there who deserve a shot too :) This happened a couple of years back too lol, I didn't win for ages then twice in about 3 months ;)
Halaster says:
June 18,2008 at 21:11
Woo Hoo other one is me!
xpolockx says:
June 18,2008 at 23:53
One day I will be lucky too ;)
xpolockx says:
June 18,2008 at 23:53
btw, grats Halaster :)
Balgair says:
June 19,2008 at 0:8
Grats Halaster! :)
Hybuir says:
June 19,2008 at 11:3
Grats Halaster.
Serverhopper says:
June 24,2008 at 18:6
gratz Halaster
xpolockx says:
June 25,2008 at 16:5
So are you going to roll Balgair's passed prize into next month's giveaway then, Rollie? :)
Rollie says:
July 2,2008 at 16:43
Yeah, that's the plan =)

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