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Introducing Warhammer Census


I am proud to present the Warhammer Census UI Mod! The mod is still under heavy development but I feel it is at a point where I can make a public release now.

In addition, I also have basic upload and display functionality here on the site. I don't believe this is where it will always reside, and I may move it all to, but I have not decided just yet.

For now, you can upload to

and view the current output here:

If your server is not listed, it is because we have not received any data for it yet. Data submissions are very minimal right now, and until we can get more coverage, please take the stats with a grain of salt.

More features and functionality will be forthcoming!
Jefferson says:
December 4,2008 at 2:59
hi, thx for writing a WAR Version of this stats generating addon, i allready gathering information for the german server Middenland. Hope you can enhance the statistic to get it to a similar look like the warcraft statistics

great work!

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