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May '07 Concurrency Numbers Compiled


As some have seen in the forums, we have been discussing the number of concurrent players as detected by Census+ users over time. You can find the thread here.

It has been discussed how the overall number of players online at any given time has been dropping since TBC was released. In May, the average number of US players online during primetime again fell to just over 380,000 players, while the number of EU players online increased to nearly 400,000.

Again, the main thing to take from this is that if there are any of you hoping for new servers, it is not likely to happen. Blizzard posting that they are combining the Cataclysm and Frenzy battlegroups reaffirms these findings.

You can view the charts here:

Concurrent Average Primtime Players
DM. says:
June 12,2007 at 22:52
Wow thats interesting indeed.... US numbers on the decline yet EU numbers on the rise!

And first comes the battlegroup merge. Up next will most likely be realm merges if this trend continues....
Rollie says:
June 13,2007 at 9:40
I don't really foresee any kind of server merge anytime soon.
Skyfire says:
June 13,2007 at 22:31
Neither do I. They were splitting them not half a year ago (really half a year? :shock: )
pete318 says:
June 19,2007 at 7:26
But you know, I wonder if it's not just the case that the jump initially was everyone going back to serious levelling to get their players to 70 and then the play falls off a 'bit' but not so much as people are getting attuned and geared up for whatever they're planning. Once things settle back down I wonder if the numbers won't settle at around where they left off?
Rollie says:
June 19,2007 at 9:39
I'm sure that accounts for some of the spike and subsequent drop as well. I really would think that by now the numbers should be getting to a point where they are fairly stabilized from the spike of the expac. I guess we'll see in another couple of weeks when I run the June numbers =)

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