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June Concurrency Numbers Calculated



June concurrency numbers have been calculated and added to the overall concurrency chart as calculated using the CensusPlus UI Addon.

June showed a large jump up from the dropping numbers of May for the US playerbase. EU playerbase continued it's upward trend.

Perhaps the drop in May was due to finals affecting students? Naaaah....
DM. says:
July 3,2007 at 16:13
Wow interesting

New realms soon?
grimm100 says:
July 4,2007 at 13:17
Why the constant rush for new realms? You like starting all over again and again? I don\\'t get it.
xpolockx says:
July 4,2007 at 17:14
I've never understood why people clamor for new realms myself, but I don't think DM will be rerolling :P

Interesting to see how it jumped back up... it probably does have to do with summertime and teens/college students having a little more time to play. I guess we'll see if it goes down dramatically in september or so ;)
Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
July 5,2007 at 1:55
Personally I can see why people go to new realms. It's like the excitement when the game was first released. Everyone starts at 0 so the world pvp at the beginning is alot of fun, creating new guilds, and so much more. I really wanted to start on a new realm, but January was the latest I found, but than my coworkers begged me to join their server with promises of helping me out. Oh did I say broken promises because it seems they never play when at work they talk like the work, eat, and play wow. Just typical of everyone I run into that plays WoW in RL.....they talk a big game, but once you get on their server you see that really they play like 5 hours a week.
Hybuir says:
July 5,2007 at 8:7
The thing is that they'll prolly assume that the economy is stable, sometimes it's so blown out of proportion that it takes a LOT of time and effort to stabilize it
xpolockx says:
July 5,2007 at 14:14
Yeah, I've actually found that it's easier to make money on a more mature realm because once everyone starts leveling alts they can afford to pay more for things like bars, herbs, leather and enchanting mats.

Yeah Eyeball, I run into people all the time that are all talk. Good thing I'm not looking to reroll anytime soon :P
Dreadicus says:
July 6,2007 at 7:15
Likely won\\'t be new realms until they consolidate some of the \\'dead\\' ones. There are quite a few servers (many of them \\'new\\') that are empty; Consolidate first, then they can take the empty server, rinse, repeat, and voila new Realm.. They certainly aren\\'t going to buy *more* new hardware for a game that finally reached it\\'s zenith and is declining (albeit slowly, and not all that noticeable!). If anything, I\\'d bet they consolidate old servers, and take the hardware for use on Starcraft! :p

Rollie says:
July 8,2007 at 10:13
If I had an easy way to contact the writers, I would. I've posted in the sea of comments before and I'm sure it went totally unnoticed.

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